Charlie Chaplin in comics, first name of the Stars of History

He’s getting all the votes.Charlie Chaplin is the hero of a second album after Charlot the Conqueror by Laurent Seksik and David François.This time we have a very thorough biography which also opens a new collection at Dupuis, Les Étoiles de l’Histoire.And it’s true that no one more deserves to be in it than he does.From his miserable childhood to his early childhood on stage, his first trip to the USA and then his international success, without forgetting his long and eventful private life, Bernard Swysen (who directed with Ptiluc Hitler) has signed a very complete work, rich in details sometimes little known.Bruno Bazile knew how to give life to his drawing which makes Chaplin evolve over the years without caricature or exaggeration.

April 16, 1889, Charles Chaplin was born in London.Parents are actors, the mother is a singer and abandoned by her husband.Times are getting tough because she’s losing her voice.Charles takes his first steps on stage but the family is not able to make it and ends up in the poorhouse.As an added bonus, Hannah Chaplin has syphilis, behavioural problems and is institutionalized.The father returns, the mother also returns and Charles develops his budding acting skills.Yet he has to go back to school while his older brother Sydney works on a liner.When he returns to England, he learns that their mother is locked up again.Charles finds a small role and is spotted by the critics.Back on the stage, Charles would like to join his brother in the famous Karno’s troupe.In 1909, in Paris, Charles gets his first major role.Then it will be New York and the real beginnings of Charlie Chaplin’s great adventure.

To make the biography popular by combining exhaustive research work and easily accessible graphics, such are the objectives of Dupuis for this collection.Claude Lelouch signs the preface of this synthesis as he says, accessible to all, the eventful life of Charlie Chaplin.This is obvious as we follow the future Charlot through the adventures that have made his life.His talent, his genius, his sense of independence are better understood with the creation of the Artist Associates.There will also be the failures of his private life, the young age of his wives and finally the stability with Oona.Chaplin will be king of the mute.Which Charlot should be retained in priority? The Kid, The Gold Rush, Modern Times, The Dictator? No, all his films because his work is inseparable.A very good notebook at the end of the album contains his filmography.